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I am gonna use the following parts
-electron retracts
-xicoy electrical brakes
-scale gear struts from Johnny Simões
-MKS747 on all flightcontrols
-Jeti RX equipment
​​​​​​-Digitech CRU and CTU
-Ramoser varioprop. (Still have to order)

Some mods made already:
- rudder servo to the back of the plane. No pull pull for me in a fast plane.
- flap servo moved more to the root. More mechanical leverage in my point of view.
-reinforcement of back of fuselage against twist. This was already reported by a couple of guys already flying the airplane.

6mm Balsa horizontal former to prevent twist of the fuselage.

Gear struts for 2 Tucano’s

Horizontal former

Flap servo

Flap control horn

Rudder servo