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Thank you to all the esteemed gentlemen who answered. I was afraid there wouldn't be a simple answer (heh heh...there seldom is for anything). I do of course realize the broad scope of what I was asking and all the variables as some of you have pointed out. However, I do see a consensus among you on some basics like the exit area and the baffling and such. As for richening or leaning the engine as a method of temp control, I'm a little hesitant to rely on that method as a primary one because I think that if you have to resort to controlling the temperature to a large extent with the mixture then there are fundamental deficiencies in your cooling system to begin with. I typically try to run my engines a bit on the rich side anyways just for the sake of engine health and longevity. Well, i guess I'll have to fiddle with the baffling and such and make some temp measurements and adjust accordingly. As always, I tip my hat to all who commented. Good info guys. Cheers!