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i have built a few multis and never have done counter-rotating props. Most full size planes donít do that and I donít think itís necessary. That does away with the search for an oddball prop.

I like to use a battery and speed controller for each motor. When you plug the throttles into a Y connector you will have both speed controllers BEC trying to power the radio gear, which you donít want. Thatís why you pull one of the red wires on the speed controller, so only one will power the radio. You should remember to plug that side first when you are ready to fly so the receiver is powered.
There are other ways to hook things up, this is just my preference. For instance, in the future as my models get larger I will use a dedicated battery for the radio and not use a BEC.
You are doing the right thing in getting opinions on setups. In the end you pick the one you like and press on.

Best of luck on your project!