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Originally Posted by LeagueOfChungus1 View Post
Hello, I'm considering to build a nitro boat. Is the method to tune nitro boat engine same as tuning nitro car engine? I know how to adjust it.
Also how should I connect fuel tubes? And are there any suggested kits? Thank you. Oh, just one more thing, can I use car fuel for nitro boat engines?
The fuel tank and fuel lines.
Just like a car there is a pipe pressure and feed to carb.
Normally we use Sullivan Tanks with simple brass tubes that stick out of the cap and have no barbs, for this we just slip the fuel line onto the brass tube. This usually is good enough to hold but if someone was annal they could use a cut pc of fuel tube over the actual tube to make the tube tighter against the brass but really not needed.
What's different is how the fuel tank is made and plumbed. Usually our tanks sit in front of the engine. Our tanks have brass tubes that we bend. Our boats usually turn to the right in ovals.
The pressure tube gets bent upward to the top of the tank into a little notch.
Because our boats typically turn to the right only we place the in-tank pick up tube down low in the corner as the fuel will slosh when we turn.
The fuel tank is what you will want to study up on, everything else is pretty much the same except the longer tuned pipes.
Our boat engines run at a much greater rpm for longer time "In the 4000 to 8000 more rpm range on average" (We run full throttle more than a car/truck does, do to long straight aways vs short straights and many turns were simply on the throttle longer and develop higher rpm) Our engines have less load on them too and our props come out of the water a lot so the rpm skyrockets at times. So we need more oil than car fuel. I get my fuel from FHS Oils, been buying it for 30 years.

With todays water proof radio gear don't worry if the radio box is 100% sealed or not, it's not that big of a deal anymore.

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