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Ok lovely people. While I recognized and fully affirm the life and death importance of keeping engines on toy airplanes at optimal operating temperature and the need to fight to the death with anyone who even slightly disagrees with you, I think it is possible for everyone who wants to discuss this vital topic to do so in a civilized manner.

I've deleted the bickering. It's a shame too, because there was some good info in there.

Here's what I tell my 12 year old students:

1. If you know you can't talk with someone without getting into an argument, then don't talk to them.
2. If your only reason for saying something is to bait or create conflict, then don't say it.
3. If you see yourself getting angry, offended, frustrated, or otherwise despising someone, remove yourself from the situation and ask for help if you need to.

Most 12 year olds can do all of this. I think men in their 40's and 50's can too. How about giving it a try and seeing how it goes?
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