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Calmo you can get pretty decent casual climbing performance by setting up your model with around 60 to 70 watts per lb of model. This will give it around a 45 to 50 climb at a decent but not racy speed. A model the size of the Oly650 should also be at or under around 32'ish ounces. And ideally end up in the mid to high 20's. The Rimfire 400, after looking around for information, handles up to 160 watts maximum in steady running. So your motor will EASILY fly your 650. At 60 to 70 watts/lb you will only need to run it at a lazy 120 watts. On a 3S pack that's only about 10.5 amps. Watts being amps x volts after all. Or you can push it to closer to the 160 watts max and have your model climb at more like 70

You can check for the CG as it's shown on the PLAN AT OUTERZONE. It shows as being on the spar. Start there but as you get comfy with flying the model play with moving it back a touch at a time until you find that the model is becoming sketchy for pitch stability. The closer you get to neutral stability the better the model will signal lift to you by kicking the nose up or down. But when it's too close to neutral most find that they don't like the constant balancing act on the elevator stick. Find your own happy place and you'll really like the model. And best of luck on your first few thermals and that ever so happy first half hour flight from only 20 seconds of climbing power.