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Default Venting about Graves Hobbies

Graves RC Hobbies has always been a must destination when I go to Orlando, FL. They are the only full stock hobby shop still in business that I know of, at least in my area. Every time I go, they ask for my I.D. when I pay with credit card. Iím ok with that, they have to be careful. Yesterday, however, I made an online order to be shipped to the Opa Locka airport, where I work (Iím a corporate pilot).

I received an email confirmation yesterday, but today I got another email, letting me know they cancelled my order because they wonít take my card.

As instructed in the cancellation email, I called Rachel there. First, she mistook me for a guy from Puerto Rico, and said they donít take cards from there. Then I explained Iím not that guy, and she said then that she wonít take a credit card to ship to a hangar at the airport. I explained that is my office, and the shipping address is actually the same as the billing address for my card.

Still she wouldnít take it. Told me to pay by paypal. I then offered to send her pictures of my card and ID, told her Iím a regular client to the physical store, all to no avail.

Now, I understand the need for a store to be careful, but I canít ignore the fact that all the evidence I offered that Iím the owner of the card was rejected. Also, I canít ignore the fact that both guys that got rejected today are latino.

I was glad to buy from a mom and pop store, but not if I will be humiliated and treated as a thief for no reason. There are many other places that will happily take my business.