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Originally Posted by dryverman View Post
OK, received yours and found my buyers marketplace feedback section, now it's asking for the "deal URL" not sure this is worth the bother...

Now I think I see why it won't let me leave feedback for my buyers. Since I didn't link PayPal to my ads, send the buyers invoices, etc., then it won't let me leave feedback, even though it let my buyers leave feedback, and that is not fair to my buyers (but I did not know this when I placed my ads). I don't link anything to Google. I don't link anything to Paypal. I don't even use Facebook. I despise the politics of all three of those organizations.

I don't like the idea of logging into any place through something else. It seems like every place is trying to link you to everywhere you go. Google and Facebook are famous for that - getting their little fingers into every little part of your life, and trying their best to crawl up your butt. Now it seems like RCU is taking that trend, too.

I am not a fan of fleas, ticks, leeches or tapeworms, either. And that linking and data-mining trend is not just about tailoring ads to users. There is more to it than that.