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Aha - now I think I understand what drove me to swear off Graves, which I had made virtually my only source, before I had an order shipping problem. Now I think I see the reason for their lack of customer service when USPS royally screwed me over 2 times. Graves probably thought I was scamming them, which I most certainly was not doing. The abomination called USPS, in their ubiquitous and gross incompetence was at fault, not me. Long story, but 2 packages came from Graves to me, both of them badly damaged, both very late, with one being severely late (2.5 months for that 8 hour drive).

Graves is quite outstanding, with a great website with excellent search filter (Tower and Horizon need to learn from Graves on that), and they get their product to the shipper lickety split, as in almost immediately. And their prices are decent. I loved doing business with them, until the shipping problems (and resultant lack of customer service from them, stemming from the shipping problem), but I swore them off after that, and told them why. I was unaware that people (NOT good people, as mentioned above) were scamming them and stealing from them. Good people do not steal. Period. Covid is NO excuse for people stealing. Covid is a very handy excuse for evil and incompetence, but just that - an excuse.

Now I think I will resume ordering from Graves. BUT, I will always choose another shipper other than USPS, who is grossly incompetent, playing dirty politics right now, and also.....using Covid as an excuse (a very lame one, at that). USPS is virtually unaccountable, to anyone. I utterly despise that organization.