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Originally Posted by didiwatt View Post
Biella 20 x 14 is the one recommended and works fine for me.
Junier recommends JC 20 x 14 which you can order from Aircraft International. It is wood and much lighter and lets the motor rev up higher with better performance in my opinion but I like them both.
After talking to Dirk at KT about the gearbox lube tube not fitting, we decided to use clear fuel line which works great. With the carbon fiber engine mount, it is easy to route the plastic tubing away from the hot exhaust parts.
I have really good experience with Ramoser varioprop om my TopRC Zero (Saito 90R3). Much better efficiency compared to the Biela. I am leaning to the Ramoser option. Otherwise the Biela 20x14 (turbo) will be the one to go for.
The JC are,as far as I know, not available in Europe. Also they are really expensive for a wooden prop. Same price as the Ramoser 😬

Thanks for the tip about the plastic tubing to the GB. Did you “shield” it somehow?