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We are brand new to the RC world. My son was gift the HPI E10 Drift Fail Crew Nissan Skyline R34 GR-R for Christmas. Sadly it has already failed on him. We took a 5 hour return trip to the only NSW authorised repairer for HPI only to be given a 'fix' that hasn't fixed the problem. The front passenger side dog bone keeps falling out. We were given a length of rubber hose to put in there to help but the car started bumping around and the wheel was getting stuck on the body of the car. The dog bone once again fell out. Typically my husband is at work and i've a very sad child awaiting his return.

What exactly do we need to do to fix this? Feeling like I need to post it interstate where it was purchased from and ask for a refund! Surely this shouldn't be happening when the car has been driven for a maximum of 2.5 hours. Would the Yes branded aluminium dog bones correct this problem? My husband has considering heating the plastic dog bone slightly to stretch it out a little to make it fit better, we'd buy a replacement to try this on.

Appreciate your suggestions.