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Default I have not taken the time to learn the math But I have tried the motors themseselves

I have used VXL, hobbywing Ez run, dynamite, and castle just now. I liked the medium kv and the 6 pole ones because It is more responsive like my ezrun hobbywing (4000kv) and the dynamite fuze (4800kv) And gearing had a lot to do with it had 4x4 gearing on my 2wd slash with the fuze and It was a monster and wheeled. The fuze reved quickly but the hobbywing had the top end with what I assumed was the big motor shaft with an 18T pinion and It was in a slash 4x4. The bigger shaft with the same teeth I feel makes a difference.
my new castle “basher” 4600kv motor I had to put in my 2wd because of lack of torque and I only have a 3s connector matching

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