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Originally Posted by Jdking15 View Post
I am working on tuning and making my RWD drift car, I threw a cheap futaba servo in to get the build finished and running, I am curious as to what servos people have chose for steering. I have seen short case servos while looking. What is the benefit of the short case? Are there preferred speed and torque specs to look for when choosing a steering servo? any info would help thanks. I have done a search and not found a specific thread about it. If I missed it a link to the thread would be appreciated as well.

low profile servos are more common in touring/drifters because it's less weight up front as a tuning option, torque really isn't important for a drifter but speed is... I would look for a servo in the 0.06 to 0.12 sec/60 where a faster servo will make it easier for you to "snap" into a drift more quickly. Most folks typically get the fastest servo they can afford and then use the radio's "steering speed" control to make the servo slower to suit their needs. If your radio doesn't have a steering speed feature then getting too fast of a servo can make it very difficult to drive... maybe try a 0.10 sec/60 servo.

SRT servos are very good quality and will stand the test of time: