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Originally Posted by astrohog View Post
HUH? Change doesn't come from apathy, it comes from voicing one's opinions. I get that the younger generation can't handle having adult conversations anymore, but you sound like you come from a generation where conversations and debate are the norm and how adults get things done.

You do realize that the AMA has absolutely ZERO to do with your flying facility, right? (other than providing insurance) and your AMA dues do not pay for the, "great place to fly with a well maintained runway, some nice amenities, and a mostly pleasant company"

And this is a big reason why things have gone steadily downhill in Muncie, including the bank account! If more people would voice their opinions, and if you don't expect Muncie to do much, we could get the same benefits we have now for probably HALF of the price of our current dues. Now what old fart on a fixed income wouldn't go for that?

See, if more members were engaged, they would understand that the AMA has done everything in their power to make sure you don't have that choice, that is the whole point of many of these threads. It's too bad that members like you come in here and start threads titled, "AMA bashing", without even knowing what is really going on.


Believe it or not, I do appreciate your perspective on this. That's why I started this thread, to have a dialog.

Maybe I shouldn't have used the word "bashing", that is a fair point, but it seems like there is a constant stream of negative opinions about the AMA and not much of an alternate perspective. And while I honestly see the AMA as a dying organization, which was the point of my post, I also feel that it works for many of its members (after a fashion).

I do think that the AMA does provide value beyond insurance. It is my opinion that they deserve a fair amount of credit getting the changes to the final RID rule and I do believe that they are making progress on getting a streamlined process in place for altitude waivers.

I do tend to agree that they need to be more fiscally responsible, no argument there. I also do believe they could do a much better job at public relations.

So maybe I could have started this conversation a bit more diplomatically, but my intention is to have a conversation, not to attack or disparage anyone.