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Originally Posted by ECHO24 View Post
And it worked for a while, going by Franklin's 2013-2014 graph on his FAA Test thread with AMA membership going straight up.
It started falling apart when AMA sued the FAA. I should have added that as No. 3 in AMA's biggest blunders. It was a publicity stunt
that went nowhere and only soured things with the FAA. Membership has been going downhill since.
Here's a graph showing the timing of 336 and it's "... AND within the programming of ..." language as it relates to membership revenue decline. Also shown is the only way AMA seems able to increase revenue, and that's by raising dues. But note. After last dues increase in approx 2002, it took 10 years for it to decline by about 1/4. After the most recent dues increase, it took just 3 years for it to decline that much.

AMA is dying under the leadership of Hanson, Budreau, and the current EC. They keep obfuscating the true status by not talking about membership revenue, choosing instead "total membership" (until we get wise to them juicing that with "free" memberships), now they're using yet another metric in the EC discussions. See minutes from January EC meeting, last sentence of first paragraph of ED's report to EC. Note that he uses "Membership ________" but without trends, context, or total numbers as a way of spinning something positive. No context of how how many full cost members gained vs. lost, senior members gained vs. lost, youth members converted to paying, etc. etc. Wonder if he was up for an annual bonus or something recently... hummmm.