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Originally Posted by BarracudaHockey View Post
It was an attempt to get the clowns to at least have exposure to some safety programming and common sense. Misguided or not? Who knows, but that was the intent, not bonuses or a money grab.
You can declare that was not the intent all you like, but if we're to believe you then we would have to ignore:

1. The timing (after a decade of declining revenue), multiple statements, and
2. Hanson's declaration in the magazine that FAA's answer to me wrong (saying they did not interpret 336 as requiring membership).

For if indeed the intent of the language was NOT to require membership, then there would no reason for him to write that FAA's interpretation to that effect was wrong. But you see, he did declare that FAA's was wrong, thus proving that the intent all along was for that language to require membership.