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I've been interested in diesel ever since I started flying RC, about 2 years now. The sound of a diesel is very unique, and I finally found a decent deal on an engine.

The engine is a McCoy 09. It has been modded with an OS Pet throttle Carb. From pictures it seems like a messy modification. I haven't received the engine yet, and from ebay it's either going to be a win or lose. Worst case I'm out $50 and have a drawer queen . I'll have to update this thread when I get it and hopefully get it running!

Was wondering if anyone knew how to disassemble this engine? I can't seem to find much info on it which is surprising seeing how popular they are. I like to completely disassemble every used engine I buy to completely clean and oil the internals.

In my part of florida seems like there isn't any john deere dealerships. I searched every single store that sells starting fluid and finally found a starting fluid that contains between 30-50% ether. This should be adequate for diesel fuel correct? What mix should I use for this little mccoy? I prefer longevity over power of course, and smell doesn't bother me. Hell my car already reeks of gasoline.