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Originally Posted by Vekenti View Post

I've been interested in diesel ever since I started flying RC, about 2 years now. The sound of a diesel is very unique, and I finally found a decent deal on an engine.

The engine is a McCoy 09. It has been modded with an OS Pet throttle Carb. From pictures it seems like a messy modification. I haven't received the engine yet, and from ebay it's either going to be a win or lose. Worst case I'm out $50 and have a drawer queen . I'll have to update this thread when I get it and hopefully get it running!

Was wondering if anyone knew how to disassemble this engine? I can't seem to find much info on it which is surprising seeing how popular they are. I like to completely disassemble every used engine I buy to completely clean and oil the internals.

In my part of florida seems like there isn't any john deere dealerships. I searched every single store that sells starting fluid and finally found a starting fluid that contains between 30-50% ether. This should be adequate for diesel fuel correct? What mix should I use for this little mccoy? I prefer longevity over power of course, and smell doesn't bother me. Hell my car already reeks of gasoline.


Possibly not a good place to start a journey into the model diesel engine experience. A new PAW 09 would be my choice. The engine is likely to be at least +65 Y/O, and it has a rather vulnerable O-ring in the contra piston. I have a few of the OK and McCoy small diesels, and I'm happy with them. However they are a bit of a nightmare to dissemble at their age, and you will need a "strap-wrench" (try google). I ruined a cylinder trying to disassemble a 70 y/o OK diesel which had a very soft exhaust pillars. Rather I'd soak it in a jar of Kero instead, and then oil up the O-ring by squirting Auto Transmission Fluid into the head via the exhaust. If it will hold compression (after washing the ATF out) then try to start it by all means. Have a look at the attached link for more information. Some people here have had success with the John Deer fluid, but I'd be very wary of stuff with less Ether. Remember 50% Ether means another 50% of some other hydro-carbon, which may not like running in a diesel. They run best with genuine solvent grade Di-Ethyl-Ether. Anyway good luck!

The McCoy Diesels (Adrian Duncan review)

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