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Wonders do happen..

Its almost exactly 2 years since I had my two brand new Kingtech K70 engines stolen when they were shipped with GLS from me to Kingtech Luxembourg for updates.
Kingtech helped me BIG time at that time when I lost the engines, and I still can't thank them enough, especially Jean Marc from Kingtech Luxembourg. I also have to thank
Sandor Kruise/Digitech NL for spreading the word at that time.
Now, normally stuff like this would be forgotten, and we all move on.

BUT, 8 days ago, I saw a posting on the Facebook group "Kingtech Turbine Owner". A truck driver (not from the model community) from Romania were selling 2 never used K70 engines!
And yes, you guessed it, MY ENGINES ! The "for sale" post was with a couple of nice pictures, pictures where the serial numbers of the engines were clearly visible.
To be honest, my heart skipped a beat or two, I had for the last 2 years since the engines were stolen, kept an eye on all the forums, facebook groups etc., in the hope that "some day".
I knew it was very unlikely that they would surface, but you never know...
Immediately when I saw the post, I contacted Sandor and Jean Marc to let them know what was going on. A plan was made!
The Romanian seller of the engines had an "explanation" how he had gotten hold of the engines, he was "kindly" explained that the engines he got was stolen engines.
To make a long story short, the engines was shipped the same day and is now in the hands of Jean Marc again

So, if you get the engines with serial numbers 095 and 096 in your hands one day, you know the history and journey they had been on.
I'm so happy and thankful that they were returned to the "mother ship" in Luxembourg!
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