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Default Brushless car vs. boat motors - make me smart!

Hi all, can someone help me understand the differences between brushless motors and esc's that are spec's for cars vs boats, and how interchangeable they are (specifically boat to car)?

A little background, until last Christmas, I hadn't touched an RC since about 1986, but I picked up a couple little RTRs to play with my 10 year old and immediately started planning to upgrade one to teach him some diy skills. One thing led to another and I decided it would be better to build a car that we could take to our local weekend track days and I ended up with an LC buggy kit.. Local rules cap motor kv at 3500 but don't specify anything else. The LC takes a 2838/2850 motor, but I'm wondering if it's worth shoehorning a 2958 boat motor in for a little extra torque? (Short term driving skill limitations aside of course!)

Would the boat motor have cooling problems?
Is there some functional difference that would make the boat motor unacceptable for a car?
The boat specific esc's in the motor/esc combos I've seen appear to be physically different than car specific esc's. Would that piece be car-comcar-compatible?

Thanks and sorry for the new question. I haven't been able to find an answer by searching and I've been trying for days.