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Originally Posted by Steve Collins View Post
One of the things I particularly dislike about RCU are threads that are allowed to go on and on and on in some cases more than a decade with hundreds and hundreds of pages of old posts. Threads like that usually have nearly zero to do with what they started out as. In my opinion, this is one of the worst offenders that is nothing more than chit chat back and forth between a very few members: old timers look here must be 50+ years only

Another pet peeve is when someone is allowed to open a thread that hasn't had any posts in years and in some cases a decade or more! With stuff like this going on it seems like the same old same old every time and doesn't help with the enthusiasm to even look at the threads, much less contribute anything.
Then there's the other edge of that sword - how many times do you see someone berated because their question has been asked and answered a hundred times in the past?

As far as the old timers look here must be 50+ years only thread, it is exactly what I expected from the title - a bunch of old farts reflecting on the Good Old Days. No need to wade through it hoping to find the latest and greatest info on setting up FPV and autopilot on a twin turbine. The traffic on that thread seems to indicate some appeal.

Anything that builds relationships among forum members is good for the forum.

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