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Back when the Internet was young and we didn't have all the clickbait ads and pictures to contend with you could get a lot more information on things like pattern flying. That's where I got my information: what the different classes were, what the pattern was for each class, how to fly each pattern including entry and exit, how to set up you plane for stable flying; who was in your area that could help (yes they actually did help); all the things you needed to know. And it was all free.
The Internet was developed for engineers and scientists in schools, companies and the military to work with each other over long distances so information that wasn't classified was readily available. Today it's full of crap for people who want to play games, watch movies, shop for unnecessary toys and read drivel. And, of course, it's loaded with pictures that slow all the engineering speed improvements for the original users down to a what we had 20 years ago.