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In a short answer the motors are built on the same basic principals and basically operate the same. However, the number of slots in the stator and number of poles on the rotor will usually differ, meaning different KV ratings and different power ratings. Most motors for 1/10 buggies operate in the low 2000 - 4000KV range. I do own a couple boats but I'm not as familiar with all of the options that are available. What I do know is that marine motors are built (typically) with lower KV ratings and generally higher torque output. As long as you can bolt up a motor to the buggy's motor mount and get a pinion gear on it then it will run your car. From there you will need to figure out a gear ratio that works and supply adequate power to it. You would generally run 2S LiPo batteries on a 1/10 buggy, but some marine applications can run 6S or even 8S. The guys on YouTube making speed run cars typically use airplane or helicopter motor systems adapted to fit into a surface vehicle and power it with multiple LiPo packs in series.

A marine ESC will operate a marine motor but may not operate the buggy motor because of the difference in designs for the 2 types of motors. The marine ESCs pulse timing may not line up very well with the rotation of the surface motor, or vice-versa. I'm not saying no way no how but you could very likely run into an issue there. At the very least I would expect a fair amount of cogging at startup. If you run a marine motor then use a marine ESC, but you won't have brake or reverse control.

In the end, they make these different systems specific for their applications because each application has specific needs and require different types of power and or control. If you don't already have a motor system for your buggy I strongly encourage you to purchase a surface brushless system for 1/10 vehicles.

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