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Originally Posted by mfr02 View Post
Inrunners tend to be good for high speed, low torque situations, i.e. a tiny prop spinning very fast. Most boats, even quite quick ones, tend to need torque to get them up to speed and then keep it. This often means outrunners driving a "boat size" prop.
Retiredat38's numbers look OK.
And from my understanding, all else being equal (or as equal as they can be) a lower KV means more torque. So that would suggest you'd want a lower KV motor and a higher battery voltage to get the operational rpm you want.

Now a shameless plug. My modeling experience has for years been the scale wooden sail boats for static display. I've only recently ventured into RC. That said I have had great dealings with a hobby shop in the UK. Cornwall Models

They carry a very broad range of boat bits and pieces for RC as well as static. Shipping usually isn't bad. Six days is my record and usually it's under ten. My main reason for mentioning them however is they have a new (to me anyway) line of brushless speed controllers for unbelievable prices under the brand name of Shark. I have no idea if they're any good or not but I intend to find out.