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Default Road trips: 2021

That time of year again.
Looks like we'll have 'flyins' this year. Already signed up for several of the 'Warbirds and Classics alliance' meets.

April 9-10, Toledo show.
This used to be run by the 'weak signals' club but they no longer support it after 50 some years. A new group started a similar show, this year.
I was there on Friday so the 'crowd' was light.

The show was at the downtown convention center. The bulk of the venders were individuals with only a few of the larger venders.

Eric and Ken from National balsa. They seemed to be doing well with people buying balsa wood. I had them pull their masks down so we can see 'faces'.

Tim from Rosewood, Indiana rc club.

NASA's first prize: I bought 3 tickets. Drawing not until September.

A couple texans.

Yellow aircraft.

Lots of old kits for sale.

The old Cox plastic planes.

Back when 30" WS was 'giant scale'!

Some antiques.

Top Flite.

Toledo Mudhens stadium.

Restored buildings instead of destroying them.

Made famous on MASH.

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