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Originally Posted by mfr02 View Post
Being an occasional customer of Cornwall, I agree. Postage from them to me is very reasonable, but then again, we are in the same country.
Just had a look on their site because a new range of anything is always interesting, but didn't see any "Shark" on the brushless ESC page.
Depending on my search phrase I get different results on their web site for speed controls. I think the Shark shows up when "ESC" is the search phrase. Or maybe "Brushless Speed Controls" or "Brushless ESC". I spent some time one day trying to get the MTronik brand to show up. But that is the only frustration I've had with their site. And I figure it has to do with us both using English!

I just checked and a search with "ESC" brings the Shark brand right up front. I also realized the brand is actually ZTW and Shark is the model. To early in the day to sort through that now. Anyway, here's a link to one of them: Shark ESC

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