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I started my Hot build this evening to compliment my Pirotti/Krill Max which I love.

The ER30 do not drop into the existing cut outs so be prepared for some work. I actually have to widen the mounting blocks as it doesn't leave much room for the screws in the wood. The JP must be wider units.

Dave may I advise running some heatsink over the exposed wire as it extends down your strut to the wheel? Years ago I severed a brake wire on a Paritech Natrix at the articulation on the strut and, upon further inspection, nearly also severed it at the retract base. I haven't had an issue since I added heatshrink to extend up the strut past the retract base into the wing.

I also received conflicting hardware from CARF. I have 3mm rod, but M2 clevis ends. I did not receive the rudder hardware shown above. Can anyone confirm the correct size threaded rod for this model? M3 or M2? Im planning an X45 setup like Bob.