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My favorites were glow or gas. Favorite airframes, in no particular order: Goldberg Tiger2 and Tiger 60, Great Planes Super Sportsters (20,40,60,120, Giant, and Bipe), Big Sticks (20,40,60,Giant), Midwest AeroSport (20,40,60), Spickler Quickee 500 and Tallywhacker (Glen Spickler was a member of my first club, and designed the Quickee as a club racer).

In 1996, I submitted a proposal for a summer program for at-risk high-school students to spend six weeks designing and building R/C airplanes. It was approved, and I spent a lot of time and energy soliciting donations from the industry. EVERYBODY who knew ANYTHING about R/C said it was doomed to fail. The first year, I had 11 kids, a $500 budget, and a large collection of R/C magazines. These students had never even heard of R/C airplanes - so I brought one to school and we flew it on the practice footfall field. Six weeks later, we took our three student-designed/built prototypes and the students on a field trip to a club field, and all three planes were successfully flown. The next year, we had 16 students, then 30 the following year (and 10 planes that year!). Over the years, nearly 200 students worked in small groups, designed 58 airplanes, and successfully flew all but one. The canard swept-wing pusher needed a few more days to refine the design - but they learned a lot. Typically, their Math scores improved 3.5 grade levels and their English up 2.5 grade levels (a grade level = one school year). All these students were from disadvantaged backgrounds, low income and at least one other qualifying factor.

I always took photos on test-flight days, and I took my album with me to the AMA convention in Los Angeles about the third or fourth year of the program. One of the major hardware manufacturers was there, and the VP who had authorized donations to the project was manning the booth. I showed him the pictures, and he teared up. He said that they NEVER got to see their donations effects like that. He never, ever hesitated to provide anything we requested. I doubt they could afford to do that today. The support that program received from the industry, and from local R/C enthusiasts, gave the students confidence to attack the task. Some of the most rewarding times of my life.

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