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hi [email protected] to help you a little some math with brushless motors , with KV KV X 1 VOLT = RPM 2850 KV X LIPO 2 S BATT 7.4 VOLTS = 21,090 rpm the , 3500 kv motor x 7.4 v = 25,900 rpm the 2850 kv rated motor is equal to a 17.5 turn motor brushed motor , the 3500 kv is equal to a faster 13.5 turn brushed motor , most tracks have a motor rated class 1/10 scale 2 wd buggy 17.5 turn motor and modified class any turn motor 6.5t that you ca handle LOL , 4wd buggy class 13.5 t motor and modified class any low turn motor yes they equal the playing field now, and your driving skills and set ups come into play, shock oils springs wheels and tires type tire alignment , chassis height track type hard clay , loose dirt , astro turff ok
you have to set up the right gearing for the spur gear and motor pinion gear , so you do not cook ( burn up the motor or speed control ) i use a hobbywing esc 120A it will handle down to a 4.5 turn motor with a 2 s lipo battery go on you tube and see some of the rc racers
set ups , team associated b6.1 ,6.2 4wd b64 b74 xray xb2 , xb 4 losi 22 , 22x4 , schumacher buggies tekno buggies 4wd also some of the motors and speed controls are sensor , non sensor motors cog at start and when speeding up ok
well i hope i helped you a little mugey