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Default Transferring models from DX9 to IX20

I recently purchased a IX 20 transmitter. I currently have a DX 9 and I am trying to load my models from my DX9 to my IX20. I transferred the models from my DX9 to a SD card and then put that card in my computer and transferred the model files to a Micro SD card. The model files show on the micro card but when I place the card in my IX 20 and try to import the files I get an error message that says Legacy import failure.../storage/6432-6138/007 then the model I am trying to import and nothing will load onto the IX 20. All the files on the micro card have a spm extension. Can anyone help me figure out what I am doing wrong and what I need to do to load my models onto my IX20. I don't really want to have to reenter all the data on each plane unless I really have to. Any help would be greatly appreciated.