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Question converted Zvezda RC Heli - need some help

Hello guys,
I am relatively new to the hobby and wanted to convert a Zvezda model to an RC Heli. I used the coaxial VATOS RC Heli (from amazon, to save some money) and build it in a Zvezda KA-27. I also cut down the lights on the side, the fake cockpit, the unnecessary "holders" and the landing skid. But let me come to the problem:

Even on full throttle, the helicopter doesn't get up. It does get up a little bit (tested with a libra) but can't hover or get up to 1 cm. It also goes "automatically" backwards, but this can be resolved by a bit of weight on the nose.

I think the reason for this problem is that the rotors can't catch enough air. Because the original VATOS doesn't have some extensions under the rotors, it could get enough air, in this case, however, even if the motor(s) could lift the total weight (in perfect configurations) of the helicopter, they can't get enough air.

I am now hoping for some advice and solutions, but I am pretty pessimistic about this project.

I wanted to post some pictures, but because I am new on the forum, I can't...

Thanks, 2karmy