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Originally Posted by Stikum View Post
Changing technologies and culture have decimated the hobby, at least the part I was heavily involved in. The days of kit building and bashing, glow engines, and fun flys are gone, replaced by injected foam electrics and drones. The brotherhood of people committed to and passionate about building, modifying, flying, and competing with model airplanes is mostly gone. Very few are willing to spent the time and money. They buy a toy, play with it in their yard/park/street, lose interest, and move on to something else.

Now don't panic. Glow planes are still out there. You can buy a traditional kit, build it and fly it, right there at the same flying field as the little foamy foo foo mobiles. Everything is still available., engines, radio, the whole deal. It's not one stop shopping at Tower Hobbies anymore but if you poke around, there are quite a few smaller manufacturers very busy making kits.

I went to a fly in in Birmingham last week. There was a little bit of everything there. Mostly electric, but still some gas and glo. Everyone had a great time. All you need to do is look for these events and start attending them.