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Hey, thanks for the advice guys, and sorry for slow responses on my part (did I mention newborn and demanding work schedule? Well, add buying a new house and moving into the mix! &#128563. Anyway, I've done enough research to have a basic handle on the general concepts... Enough to be dangerous anyway which is why I'm asking questions.

So for the KV rating my understanding is that the lower of motors are generally more torquey and can be geared up to compensate, right? So how do you select the right gearing? Just do temp checks on motor and ESC occasionally? What's a safe max temp?

For my original question about can size, that was also because my understanding is that larger dia yields greater torque for the same KV rating... So in theory running a larger diameter would allow for higher gearing right?

Our local hobby store cancelled the 2021 season, but the "track" is just a handful of cones and wooden ramps in the back lot of the local home depot so it's subject to change and I'm assuming the competitive drivers are changing setups based on the configuration of the day. Either way, we have time to figure things out before it really matters at least.

Thanks again!

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