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Default ESC/Receiver Problem

I have a problem with many of my planes. Although all receivers are bound to the individual plane, when energized the esc beeps like the Tx is turned off. It will not calibrate or stop beeping. The motor will not run but all the flight surfaces move . The issue that confuses me is why the receivers donít communicate with the ESCís

I am using the same multi IRange 4 in 1 module, I the same Taranis x9d+ or QV7. However, one foamy plane flys. It has an old Hitec optima receiver. Except for the type of receiver, they are all set up similar. Is there a one receiver bound to one TX rule? I believe this a unique situation

The only thing I did was updated the module because it kept reminding me. The update went smoothly. What steps can I take to get back flying again.