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A few days before I went flying, today, I had to PM my TF Corsair.

Last year, I had two cowls that came loose and were damaged by the prop.

First one. Heavy duty FG cloth and Zap finishing resin to fill in the weak spots and then 'easy sand' to make it 'pretty'.

Second cowl was even worse with a huge 6" hole along one edge.

Getting old: don't even remember damaging the rudder.

The bottom of the front fuse got crushed due to hanger rash in 'transit'. A couple layers of auto FG cloth fixed it.

2nd cowl done. The first one is in the 'back ground'. These are TF so 'spares' are 'good to have' since TF is 'out of business'.

I didn't get 'fancy' on the bottom front of the fuse: can't see it and strictly functional.

The tail wheel needing replacing!

Weird; all 4 bolts were gone holding the hub together so the wheel wobbled.

One fire wall bolt was loose. Wing tube bolts were loose but all moving surfaces and servos were 'good'.

Engine was running rough in idle so left the cowl off to test at the 'field'.

Doug and I got 4 formation flights in. The 3rd flight I had a dead stick just before landing. Opened the low end a quarter and on the 4th flight, dead stick on the 'back side'. Being the first time out, I made two bad decisions. Leaving the gear down and not turning soon enough into the wind for landing. The gear and mounts were damaged.

One gear broke through the top wing. Pushed the sheeting down and thin CA'ed it.

The top sheeting would have been worse but I always FG the wheel well. I added one more layer of FG cloth to the wheel well.

The one mount got ripped out on the other wheel well.

The break was 'clean' but, first, need to glue the mount to the secondary rib.