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There is a Cortex Gyro and a Cortex Pro gyro, that I prefer these days.

The Cortex is easy to program and doesn't require an external device.

The instructions come in the box. It will have you move the sticks in each direction, then flip whatever 3 position switch you want to use to enable the gyro.

After you do the setup and remove the bind plug from the cortex, and turn the power off and back on again, the middle switch position will be off and the light on the Cortex will be RED.

The other 2 positions will be either a GREEN Light and the other will be a YELLOW light.

The Green is heading hold like you would use for hovering and specific maneuvers, and the Yellow will be a normal gyro operation for regular flight.

You will have to figure out which way is which in your radio by checking your travel adjustment settings, but Middle is always OFF.

The end point you use on either end will be the percentage of correction the gyro is set to. So 30% travel adjustment would be 30% gryo correction.

So if you switch one way and Green light comes on, you will be adjusting your percentage of heading hold. So travel set to 30% would be 30% gryo correction.

And you switch the other way it goes to Yellow light, and you set it to 40% travel amount in the radio, the gryo will be set to 40% gryo correction.

These percentages aren't necessarily what works for your plane, but just examples.

I have one plane that is set 40% regular and 50% heading, and another that is 30% and 30%. It just depends on your likes, radio, and plane.

I know that is a bit wonky but I help it helps. There are quite a few videos on them.

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