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Overall, they fly great. I am quite enjoying it in the big picture.

I'm running a Cortex, but it flies great without it.

Check you canopy and turbine hatch latches, mine weren't glued in very well.

Still can't get my main gear to retract fully in flight no matter what I try. Mike has new motors on the way for me.

The brakes seem weak overall even with the 9.9v life recommended for the gear and brakes.

The strut support behind the front gear that connects to the fuse is weak at the base and broke on my first flight

I can get almost 6 minutes on one tank with the K-85 G4. I do 5 1/2 and have a little less than a 1/4 left with mixed throttle.

Using the stock UAT, that seems to be working well. Went through and safety wired all the fittings on all the tanks.

The full slats with full flaps will make it float, and the slats aren't actually needed but are fun. The slats should make some low-speed high alpha fun once I'm satisfied with the gear and such.
Overall it's not bad and the price is hard to beat.

Thinking about the L-39 next.

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