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Chris Nicastro
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Awesome! Cool to see this coming from you!
A couple of things come to mind about the Mustang as a model I hope you have considered. The most problematic thing I’ve seen and experienced is the position of the gear and axle being incorrect. Since you have the factory drawings I hope your able to locate the axle in the right location so the model isn’t prone to nosing over so easily like most Mustang models do.
The other issue has to do with the wing and Mustangs are notorious for snap rolling when they are pushed hard. This is especially true when the wing has been made thin to look scale. It looks like you have modeled the real wing airfoil and I caution against that because that airfoil was not meant for the slower speeds our models fly at. I love scale models and accuracy but here is where it has to be functional and practical so if you haven’t already done so maybe another airfoil, Selig?, and some minor, 1-2 degree, wing tip washout would be great.
I highly encourage you to try a couple of wings on a test plane and see what I’m talking about for yourself.
You can always fake the distinctive airfoil with the wingtip cap that looks like the original but hides the fact that it’s modified with some blending.

This is my favorite warbird and I hope you’re able to make a composite kit with nice accurate skin details as you do! Looking forward to your progress!