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A friend at the field has a OS 40 engine on his trainer. Its a 40 size Kadet high wing trainer with a 60" wing span. He flew the plane earlier with no engine problems. When he went to fly it again, he refueled the plane and started the engine. No problems You could hold the nose up then down and the engine kept on running. But when his flight trainer carried the plane with the engine running to the runway and sat it down the engine stopped running. This happened 6 or 7 times. They changed the glow plug numerous times. Pulled the glow fuel tank and found that the fuel chunk was rubbing against the back of the inside of the tank. So we shorted the chunk glow fuel pickup line 3/16". Replaced all the glow fuels lines including the glow fuel pickup line as well. Put it all back together. Filled the tank and started the engine. The engine sounded a lot better. Nose up, Nose down it kept running. Walked over to the runway and put the plane and and it quick running again. So gentlemen what seams to be the problem. We are thinking it's the carburetor or the engine itself.