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OS engines are dead proof (like all other glow engines)! So...if the engine is not working properly you have done something wrong.
First the tank.Tank size is important as a too large tank will make the fuel setting more difficult (engine will have more difficult to cope with varying fuel pressure) so you should use a 240cc (8 oz tank) at most!
Tank placement: It is vital that the tank is mounted correctly. That means that the tank center should be placed in line with the carb intake orifice when the plane its horizontal! And also the tank as close to the engine as possible.
Glow plug: OS 8 or Enya 3...but there are others that work fine too, like Rossi 3 or Nova Rossi 4.
Glow fuel: OS engines run fine on nearly all percentages of fuel, 0-10 % nitro and 20% oil work fine and the rest methanol. I run 5% nitro in all my glow engines.