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Lesson learned.
After many failed attempts to resolve this issue, it has been resolved.
Being 100% sure the new carburetor would fix the issue, that wasn't it.
So, i pulled the fuel tank and found what i thought was the fuel line making a Z shape from the tank to the carburetor was restricting the fuel flow. I made some changes opened up some holes in the firewall so i could see inside better once the tank was re-installed. Again being 100% sure i now had the problem resolved only to find out that wasn't it either.
My wife is great support. She said have you checked that "clunker thing". I said "no, i have never had a problem with the clunk". She said "check it just to be sure".
Of course knowing that wasn't the issue i was at wits end and about to give up. Regardless out comes the tank and out some the lines and clunk.
Sure enough, after close inspection i found when the manufacture machined the cross slot in the end of the clunk, it set up a burr closing the fuel flow by ~50%.
Installing a new clunk (after a through inspection) and re-installing everything one more time...... Problem solved...!!! I now have a great running engine.