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i've flown fixed pitch mini's like this for years. It got boring. While it does give you some flying experience it still is not quite the same when you move up the ladder to a full collective pitch heli. I just recently bought an eachine e180 but i've still yet to fly it. I haven't flown it yet because when yuo crash these boys break. For the money you will spend in repairs and parts you will outspend the cost of a good simulator easily. I bought Real Flight 9.5 with the controller and can tell you its about as real as it's gonna get. I feel just like i'm flying for real. The apps for phones, etc aren't going to teach you anything you need a real controller with real physics programmed. Once you learn on the simulator you're gonna be pretty decent in real life as well. And if you think the simulator isn't fun and addicting guess again. It gets my adrenaline pumping and i get all scared about crashing and then i think to myself thank goodness it's a simulator because the heli i just totalled was trashed!