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I am currently running an OS .55AX in my WM T-34 that has bad bearings, and am still capable of breaking-out. In the SAM series race, I (unfortunately) twice broke-out with times of 2:29.2 and 2:28.5; and am also known to fly a slightly larger course than many, to avoid cuts.

My set-up is with a full-size 5-cell NiMH 2000mAh battery, standard servos, etc. (In other words -- no special weight savings measures.). I run APC 10 x 8 props, with 20% nitro Morgan Cool Power fuel, and an OS #8 glow plug. Due to the bad bearings, I have even had to run a little more rich to keep the engine cooler, due to all the extra friction.

I am going to replace my bearings today, to keep from damaging my engine any further, and fully expect it to be even harder to avoid breakout times. If you are having trouble getting to the magic Number of 1:30, then try increasing to 20/20 fuel. If you still aren't there, then I'd have to agree with my friend SpeedRacer, that you are likely flying too big of a course. Perhaps have someone stationed at the Pylons to give you feedback on the course you are flying?

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