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If you want to see all the content on that channel you have to click on videos, then you go to the "sort by" box and make sure you're set for oldest to newest. Otherwise you can only go back for a couple years. If you go oldest to newest it will show every video I've made right from the very start. I like that because it's a kind of chronological journey through my experiences with RC tanks. The newer the videos get, the more you can see that I have learned.

I'll try and get that switch in the mail tomorrow, will you be able to solder this, or should I add some pigtail wires for you to connect to? I have several, so I can send just the switch and that won't cost you anything, but if you want the wiring harness that you saw in the video I'll have to see how much I paid for that and you can have it for however much I paid. I can probably still get that in a padded mailer so you won't have to pay postage. Just let me know what you prefer.