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Default Engine Exhaust Deflector

I have these engine exhaust deflectors that I use. I have one on the airplane and one spare. I have been trying to remember where I got these tubes. This airplane was built back in about 2016.

Iím not one to just throw away an inoperable item. I like to, first, salvage parts that still have some use; power cords, screws, switches, ledís, etc. For example I have a microwave switch that powers my onboard glow igniter on my engine test stand. I just turn the igniter on or off as needed.

Yesterday I decided to finally go through 3 old coffee pots that I needed to discard. They have been stored for a long time. Well low and behold, that is where I found my exhaust deflectors. Now I have a good supply of deflectors. Some as in the photo and some black in color