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Having some difficulty setting up mu Cortex Pro

I am using CB 400
Jeti DC 24

i went to function assignment and set up P7 (knob on right side) as Gyro Sens.

then, i went to dual rate Gyro Sens, and set up a switch SG to kill the gyro, so it is at 100%, and when I flip to Zero and position 3, the dual rate is set to 0%, 0%

in device explorer, i see:



I then turn system on, insert plug, the cortex pro recognizes the 2 receivers.

then, i turn off the system''

then, I will turn on system with bind plug in, and go thru the training

I've got it memorized since I ve done it, probably 50 times!! LOL

bump right aileron
bump left aileron
bump push elevator
bump pull elevator
bump right rudder
bump left rudder
2 bump, i release the left rudder to center then turn the knob (P7)

and I never get the green lights***********************

anyone seen this before?