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Hello Mark, I cannot thank you enough for including the link for the multi layer train layouts, they are spectacular! Yes this a multi year project which I adore because it won’t be over like building a plane and then sits on the bench and occasionally gets flown. This project is great for off days, rainy and hot days and will be a labor of love and dedication and SKILL.

Being born here while global warming has had a huge effect on us, we can cope with the heat. What hurts are the fat utilities for water and power so as to not lose our yards and to keep cool. Thank goodness it’s not a financial burden for us, that said, I/we could find better ways to throw money into the wind LOL. Worse than the heat is the water and availability. Few years ago we had to stop watering our lawns and let everything die. In the city was giving rebates for taking out all of your grass and shrubs and putting in gravel and ground cover of desert type plant life in your yard. People then later found out that the grant that was given to them to help pay for that was taxable as income! People didn’t know that going in and it was away for the city and state to get more tax dollars. I’m sure it might’ve pushed some people over the tipping point and cost them money. If push comes to shove, I’ll catch all the water from the washing machine end of the service porch sink which will hold at least 10 gallons and drop a pump in there and pump it out and use it for watering our yard if necessary.

I don’t know if you know what I microcell is but these are out in our desert place. While it looks like a nuclear blast what it is is the center stem of the mushroom is coming down and hitting the surface of the earth and then 360 circle blowing outwardly! These are often seen in our desert town, this picture was 110 miles East away in Phoenix. The damage form this force is “unbelievable”! One hit our town about three years ago and one city block away a pick up truck with a 27 foot trailer we’re both blown over on their side thank God nobody was in them but in the RV park they just laid them on their sides.

I hope you enjoy the photo I sent of the rear end banjo open, I said the last time we spoke I can just smell that 90 weight gear lube and how it stays with you for a long time once on your clothes are in your skin. I’m glad to hear you are postponing the rear end for a better time of the year that’s conducive of being out on the garage and under the car. I’m glad the axle bearings are going well and that’s really the real critical part as we both know.

my friend is a 21 year nurse and highly skilled. He lived through working at the hospital for the first break out and even with the years he’s cope with death and loss of patients that took a toll on him. He’s left the hospital and now working at an urgent care and this is where I get my true stats. Yesterday they saw 125 patients walk in the door and every fifth person tested positive! He’s been trained on how to run the machinery and lab work to verify positives or negatives. A week ago he had 35 people come in complaining of flu like symptoms, 17 tested positive for Covid and the other 17 either had a bad cold, flu, and streptococcus. Los Angeles city has changed the mask code again and masks must be worn in any building or enclosure, grocery store auto parts doctors office etc. We are still living rather secluded from others for our own protection. You be safe at work, I don’t have to to tell you, you do not want a second round for yourself and family. Gods speed to you and yours.

Take care JPEE