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Well it didn't work. The ECU and the smoke pump share a common battery. When you first try getting it to run, you feel kind of a "click" if you will and nothing happens. We can put the pump on it's own battery with the servo lead plugged into the middle connector on the pump and it runs.. However, the ECU quits when the pump is unplugged. We started the engine and made the switch to the power supply flipped the switch and got tons of smoke. It shut down okay with the throttle trim but the next thing we notice is that there no "cooling" showing on the GSU and the starter motor is not cycling for cooling. No temp readouts or anything from the ECU.

We tried to start the engine that way and the ECU was having none of it. Disconnected the separate battery, hooked it back up the the shared battery and the ECU came back to life.

At this point, I'm totally confused. There are only two wires for power going into the pump, no other connection from the ECU to the pump, so how does the ECU figure out that the pump is disconnected and it quits working?

Any ideas would be most appreciated or any of you other members who might have an idea.