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Originally Posted by RichJohnson View Post
I am considering having my machinist friend make up some 105 gun barrels from aluminum tubing stock. I have felt that this is greatly lacking in our hobby and with the Centurian coming its a natural upgrade, as well as those that have the old tamiya leopard 1 etc.

He reviewed my sample that I have and said it would cost about $75 but since he has to make some tooling he needs to make at least 10.
I also requested that the breach end be 2 inches longer than my sample so the user can fit it to their tank project easier and cut to fit their recoil system.
What kind of interest is there in something like this for his cost?
Im not making anything I will just help him out doing the orders. He is retired on a fixed income and makes small projects for people for side money.

Nice ideal Rich to bad he could not make with the look of the cooling jacket on it or can that be done by Shapeways with plastic cover .

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