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Originally Posted by jvaliensi View Post
However, if you plug the R3 900 into the CB directly, you will have continue to have control if the Cortex Pro died.

Not sure that would work - you would need 2 failures to retain control.

In your configuration (900 into the CB, bypassing the CP) if the Cortex fails and stops sending data to the CB, the 900 will still be in standby mode and not sending commands to the CB and you would lose control. You would also need the 2.4 RX to fail to force the Jeti to switch to 900 in order to bypass the Cortex and retain control.

However, 2.4 signal loss is probably more probable than a CP or radio system hardware failure.

Interested to understand more about the CP causing a 4sec control loss on switch over between Port B and Port A.